Products and Services

Well Services 
Rigless Well Abandonment

  • Rigless approach Simplifying operations
  • Reducing spread costs
  • Maintaining safety levels
  • Maintaining adherence to P&A guidelines for rigless well abandonment. SilverWeb provides a purpose-specific hydraulic power swivel stand. Specially designed and engineered, the stand is capable of a 100,000-lbm pulling capacity and can stroke up to 72 in. It features a key-way for an API false rotary and a tong crane that hydraulically strokes up and down and rotates away, clearing the key-way.Swivel stand, power tong, and tong crane operation is maintained from one control panel. This remote setup allows a more compact and simplified operation that promotes safety.

Heavy Land & Marine Logistics

Our objective is to facilitate the safe management and movement of personnel and equipment from point to point in the most efficient manner.

  • We are able to provide houseboats, tugboats, supply boats (shallow & deep draft), water barges, fuel barges, flat top barges and small personnel crafts. All vessels are duly licensed/flagged and equipped with modern safety equipment to international operating standards.
  • We are able to provide 5th wheeled truck tractor combinations up to 85 tons to safely transport your goods: (flatbeds, low beds, land trains, buses, fleet vehicles and personnel carriers).

Oil & Gas Equipment Leasing

We are able to provide various oil & gas equipment supplies to meet your project demands such as:

Vehicle Leasing & Rentals

o Coaster Buses
o Mini Buses
o 4×4 Pickup Trucks
o Saloons
o Flatbeds
o Low Beds
o 5th Wheeled Truck Tractors o Water Tankers
o Fuel Tankers
o Chemical Tankers
o Dry Bulk Tankers Equipment Leasing & Rentals

o Office Caravans
o Sleeping Caravans
o Mobile & Fixed Diesel Generators
o Refuse Disposal Trucks
o Vacuum Trucks
o Industrial Road Sweepers
o Cranes / Cherry Pickers / Work

o Self Loaders
o Container Handlers

Oil & Gas Equipment Spares & Maintenance

Through our extensive global sourcing, business affiliates and partnerships with OEM Representatives, we are able to provide OEM Drilling Equipment and Spares in a timely manner, allowing you to avoid downtime on your operations. Our extensive knowledge of Local Customs clearing procedures enables us to ensure your requirements are met timely.


Drilling Equipment

o Blow Out Preventers
o Hydraulic Power Units
o Top Drive Systems
o Drawworks
o Rotary Tables
o Drilling Handling Tools
o Mud Pumps
o Shale Shakers
o Desanders / Desilters
o Mud Gas Separators
o Electric Motors (DC & AC)
o Travelling Block Systems
o EMD Parts
o CAT Parts
o Air Compressors
o Air Dryers
o Water Makers
o Sewage Treatment Units
o Gate Valves (Low / High Pressure) o Butterfly Valves
o Cranes
o Bilge Systems
o HVAC Systems
o Electrical Systems
o SCR Systems
o PLC Controls & Modules
o Communications Systems
o Drilling Instrumentation
o High Pressure Hoses
o Bulk Hoses



As an indigenous company, we realize the enormous challenges facing major players in the Oil & Gas Industry operating in Sub Saharan Africa respect maintenance of major capital OEM equipment. Availability of spare parts, having the technical know-how and licenses to maintain these capital equipment and having a fully functional and suitable workshop to perform required scheduled maintenance are key challenges.

Through our partners, we are able to maintain the following OEM equipment in country:

  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Turbocharged Diesel Engines
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Turbines