About Us

SilverWeb Technologies & Logistics Ltd was incorporated to tap into the vast potentials within the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry, while bridging gaps identified in the fulfillment of Clients requests. The Company aims at providing value in the areas of Well Services, Heavy Land & Marine Logistics and Oil & Gas Equipment and Spares.

Our goal is to bring efficient and value driven services to our Clients by optimizing our wealth of technical skills, global procurement and supply chain alliances and unique industry know how to deliver service at the right time, right place and best quality.

With our headquarters located in Port Harcourt we aim to rapidly expand across the Oil & Gas Industry in the African Continent.

This is our hallmark and is clearly depicted in our Company Vision statement. In order to deliver, SilverWeb has a vast array of business affiliates across the globe with honed skills in diverse areas of expertise, which we draw upon under our guidance to deliver ready and reliable quality service to our Clients at the right price.


Our Mission

Our mission is to position SilverWeb Technologies & Logistics as the foremost solutions provider for the upstream Oil & Gas Industry in Africa through continuous customer engagement, information technology, global partnerships and alliances.

SilverWeb is a service provider first and foremost, however we are able to do this very well because of the pool of resources at our disposal. Having indebt knowledge of the local landscape, forged relationships with various players, foreign and local, understanding of Project Management, Work-site Hazard Management, Technical & Safety standards, we pool these resources together to deliver for you.


Allow us to deliver on your unique project demands!